How I Stay Inspired

How I Stay Inspired

How I Stay Inspired : 6 Tips by JL Vampa

Whether an author, a teacher, a blogger, a banker, a student, a you-name-it, it can be difficult to stay inspired at all, let alone inspired enough to hone your craft or hobby.

Here are a few ways I keep my creativity alive and well as an author and in general.

1) Get out!

You are a product of your environment. If you aren't living somewhere that truly inspires you daily and infuses you with hope, you need to get out of town. Or move. But really. At least visit a nearby town or a neighborhood you've never seen before.

2) Break up your routine

Routine is vital to a healthy lifestyle and productivity but it can also become monotonous and stifling.

Drive a different way to work or read a book from a genre you wouldn't normally consider. Ask the barista to "surprise" you.

3) Pinterest!

If you don't already know this, you're probably new to the internet. Which I'm not sure is possible on planet Earth.

Humans are creative geniuses and truly fascinating. The more you see others' ideas the more it fuels your own ideas.

4) Get around the right people.

You know where you'll be in five years by the books you're reading and the people you're spending time with now.

Look around. If you're the most intelligent, creative, or successful person in your group of friends, you need new friends. Immediately.

5) Read

As mentioned above, what you're reading is vital. Read what inspires you, what challenges you, what pushes you.

6) Get out of your comfort zone

And do it often. I'm not saying skydive if it terrifies you but do partake of things that are out of your norm and challenge you a bit.

Do something you've always wanted to do but were intimidated to do. Join that club, try that hair color, take that trip.

Stay Encouraged!

Much love & fairy dust,

Jane Lenore

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