Signed Gypsy Secrets : a Queen's Keeper Novella

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A gypsy. A nomad. A ghost.

Since being abandoned by her parents at the age of seven, Theralin Revencloud has never been able to shake the restlessness in her bones to disappear. A master extractor of information: For Hire, Thera spends her years fabricating fortunes and dealing expensive secrets, using her Keeper powers to avoid being a Keeper at all. Through loss, love, and a creative line of work, Thera begins to face the only thing she can never outrun—herself.

Dive into the mystical past of characters you love so much from The Queen’s Keeper, meeting new ones along the way. Discover the woman behind the swagger and theatrics that make up Theralin Revencloud while traveling with her on her journey to find home.

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