The Queen's Keeper Novel
The Queen's Keeper Novel
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The Queen's Keeper Novel

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Wicked meets whimsy in this dark fairy tale by J.L. Vampa

A page-turning debut novel among the likes of Hunger Games, Snow White, and Throne of Glass, and as ageless as Harry Potter, this dark fairy tale adaptation will have you on the edge of your seat.

What if I told you that everything you knew about your life was a lie and that you’re being hunted?
What if I told you that you were prey?
This is the reality for Luvenia Rousseau. Amidst the struggle to survive in a famished, war-torn country and the fight against the phantoms of her past, her family is brutally ripped apart by a tyrant queen’s venomous army. Just when all hope seems lost, she stumbles upon an enchanted realm while the queen hunts for the one who got away.