11 Time Management Tips

11 Time Management Tips

Let's face it, everyone is busy in our culture.

I personally find it a travesty. I am often looked down upon because I'd rather spend time with my family or reading than "getting ahead," making more money, or working 59 hour weeks. That's simply not how my family desires to live life.

HOWEVER, if you're a human, you have many things pulling at your time regardless of how much you don't mean for them to. A job, a significant other or spouse, kids, friends, hobbies, running a household, bills, laundry, pets, Netflix (c'mon, you know I'm right...)

I feel most days I'm just floundering without time management! That being said, my first time management tip is:

1) Don't be so hard on yourself.

You're amazing.

2) You have to let some things slide for a minute. 

I'm a perfectionist. I want all the things completed/clean and done perfectly. That... is ridiculous. Especially as a mother. I mean it's impossible to keep the floor crumb-free.

But that doesn't make me want it any less.

Decide to be okay with the dishes waiting until tomorrow, or the laundry sitting in the dryer a bit longer. I promise everyone will survive that!

3) Lists!

You can decide, on a smooth day, what slides.

I like to make three lists: Personal, Work, Home/Family

Each list has 2-3 things I want accomplished that day. If I accomplish those things and only those things, I call it a win. And they're not always huge things. Some days my personal list literally has "wash my hair" #MomLife

4) Self. Care.

But seriously.

On a day gone haywire, or ANY day, Self Care is so important. Take 5 minutes to do something little that you enjoy. Maybe it's eat a cookie in silence (introverts anyone?), take a 5 minute longer shower, put on lipstick, whatever.

Recently all the things were going to crud and nothing was getting accomplished. I finally got the toddler to sleep HOURS too late but at least asleep and I decided to paint my nails instead of do anything on my to-do lists.

I felt so much better that I ended up conquering everything on my lists and more after that.

A little pick-me-up goes a long way.

5) Make the most of little moments

Instead of dawdling or putting things off, use every moment. If you have ten minutes before your next "thing," use it! Do a few dishes, fold a couple towels, answer an email, do some squats.

6) Do the thing you don't want to do

I used to put off (alright, I still do sometimes) my least favorite things I needed to accomplish, but my husband encouraged me to do the things I don't want to do FIRST and get it done.

Amazing advice. Once it's done, it's not hanging over your head and that frees up so much brain space for the better things.

7) Get up a little earlier

I know. But you can accomplish so much more in that quiet time and set your day up for success more efficiently.

8) Put your phone away!

If I clocked how much time you spent on social media a day I guarantee it would be enough time to accomplish something profitable you wanted to do.

We're all guilty there!

9) Be flexible

Your day isn't going to go as planned. It simply isn't.

Be ready to switch gears without getting upset. Once you get all flustered you do nothing well and nothing gets accomplished.

10) Don't multi-task!

Women, we're the worst about this.

If you are halfway doing multiple things you'll just have to redo them. Focus!

11) It's all about balance

What success looks like to you may not be what it looks like for someone else.

Do your best and enjoy your life!

Much love & fairy dust,


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